Alexander's Live, Chester (Supporting Tommy Scott) - 3 August 2017

"The name Martyn Peters is unlikely to be familiar to you (unless you were a West Ham or Spurs fan in the late 1960s or early 1970s...this is not the same bloke I can assure you), but it feels like he should be. He's that good.

I approached the Tommy Scott gig at Alexanders in Chester with little more than the main act in my thoughts. Tommy is a star, a genius lyricist and a thoroughly entertaining performer, whether you know his songs or not.

The support slot for such an act is not an easy one to get right, but promoters Aardvarker did just that (again). Martyn's first album "Veins" smacks of someone giving a proper go, not simply a bucket list ambition. Hopefully his love life has improved as a result of this impassioned performance; by the sounds of his lyrics it can't get much worse. At least you get the impression that all the grim times he has been through actually happened, such is the conviction with which he delivers his material.

Armed with an acoustic guitar, sidekick playing electric and a Woodstock hairstyle, this callow looking chap launched into a blistering recital of his album that immediately made you forget the nachos and well kept ale. These are finely crafted songs that take on a new dimension in the flesh. Voice and appearance are somewhat paradoxical as his commanding tones rifled into the outer reaches of the venue. This melodic, gritty rock performer deserves a much wider audience. We witnessed an authentic artist perhaps needing (and definitely) getting the affirmation that the months of toil in constructing his album were worth it. Well they were and he still doesn't know how good he is. If he was Australian or from the U.S. he'd probably be a much bigger star. This is the kind of act we need more of, go and discover him for yourself".

Mark Andrews
"Martyn Peters' song craftsmanship is second to none. Excellent melodies, good vocals, very dynamic, percussive player. Catchy songs you feel like you know them, but they're all his own."

Big Scott U & I Radio
Brief review of Veins

“Veins” is a tremendous debut LP from the emerging uber-talented multi-instrumentalist Martyn Peters. Immediately with the acoustic harmonies of “Tomorrow” moving up the gears of “This City” through the heavy soul of “Save Me From Myself” Martyn impresses us by contributing nearly all instrumentation on each track. There is absolutely no filler on this LP and with his searing vocals and honest lyrics “Veins” is true evidence of the burgeoning emerging UK indie scene.